I am sorry I didn't post earlier, but I didn't have any 2019 lambs. However, I am expecting quite a few by mid June 2020 . If you are interested in a lamb contact me and I will put your name on my list. Thank you!!

Call or text:  1-417-846-5499.

Registered ewes        $550

Registered rams         $450

Registerable wethers  $350

Cross ewes                $300

Cross wethers            $250

Deposit of $100 is required to hold a lamb. 

Otherwise lambs will be sold on a first come first serve basis. 

A $50 multi-purchase discount will be given after the first sheep or lamb.


No single lambs will be sold unless it will be going to a farm that already has sheep as they are herding animals and would suffer undo stress without companions.

You may request tail docking or not and castrating or not for the rams.

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Last updated 3/2/2020