Tyrion is a wonderful, gentle ram born 2016. He was a single lamb and tested QR. He was eight months old when he was put in with 5 ewes that produced 3 sets of twins and 2 singles. Tyrion has been shown 6 times and won several ribbons. His sire is Erin's Wee Lambs "Deaglan" 2016 Northwest Missouri State Fair Grand Champion. If I can't sell Belladonna before fall 2018 I will have to sell him.
Lily is a twin born 2015 to Cynthiana and Edgar both white. She had a single ewe lamb 2017 and a single ram lamb 2018.
Dianthus, born 2016 to white ewe Cynthiana and 5th generation white ram Edgar.
Fleur Delacour
Fleur is a twin born May 2016. She was born to Jewel one of the black triplets. Sired by Edgar.
Jasmine is a twin born 2016 to Juliette. Sired by Edgar.
Iris is twin sister of Jasmine. She was born 2016. Sired by Edgar.
Belladonna is the twin sister of Bran. Born 2017 and for sale. Sired by Tyrion.
Juliette is a triplet born 2010, since she has been on our farm she has always had a pair of black twins. She is an excellent mother and has had her lambs unassisted.
Iris and Jasmine
Twins of Juliette who is not far behind with her little lamb Belladonna.
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Last updated 9/6/2018

Jasmine is a twin born 2016 to Juliette. Sired by Edgar.