Basic True Soap Recipe

44 oz. mutton tallow

26 oz. water

12.5 oz. 

2 heaping tablespoons oat flour

5 tablespoons of your favorite essential oil or a combination of favorites

2 T. castor oil

Using a 6 quart stainless pot, bring mutton tallow and coconut oil to 110-125 degrees. Using a plastic pitcher, put 26 oz. water in an ice bath. When water temperature has lowered to 60 degrees slowly pour in sodium hydroxide and stir. When sodium hydroxide mixture has reached 110-125 degrees slowly add to your melted fat/oil. Using an emersion blender, blend mixture until it starts to become thick. Add essential and castor oils stir in and pour into mold. Cover with cardboard then large towels or blanket to insulate. Wait 24 hours or until completely cool. Cut into bars, let cure in open air for 4 weeks and enjoy.

 You may substitute any of the oils if you wish, but you have to change the oil/sodium hydroxide ratio.

Use a dependable lye calculator like 

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Last updated 3/2/2020